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I’m Maria the brand & design strategist behind “Share the Story”.

This journey started when I saw so many people struggling to find someone who could assist them bring their brand to life and then translate that into their online presence. We offer guidance, expertise and support to bring the brand of your dreams to life.

Every brand has a story to tell and it is my passion to give women a unique voice for their businesses and help them to bring their brand to life, a brand that shares the story and can be just as they had imagined from tangible business marketing materials to their online presence, without losing meaning and consistency. This is how “Share the Story” was born.

We are a branding design studio specializing in complete brand design and web development; the result of our work is beautiful and meaningful crafted brands, assisting you with anything from a logo design, business marketing templates, online brand graphic consistency, to a fully customized website. We bring your story to life by giving you the uniformity that your customers will come to know and love you for. We give a voice to your brand.

I love design and I can say I’m lucky to be working in what is actually my passion, but I’m also lucky to be able to help you create your dream designing the fingerprint for your business. If you decide to take the leap and join me in your brand development, you would be working directly with me building the look and feel you want to achieve with your brand, communicating uniqueness, and a reflection of your style and who you are.

My whole life I have been passionate about learning, I’m constantly expanding my knowledge and developing my skills so I can bring you the most up to date technology and designs for your business. With a background in marketing, design and a Masters Degree, I am ready to roll up my sleeves and help you to create a new voice for your business.

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