Fonts play a big role in branding, by choosing the perfect fonts you will ensure your potential clients understand your business and what it is about, you will be giving them the first impression that is so important.

Picking fonts is not an easy task, you need to look carefully and allow the font to speak to you, but you should be thinking “how can I pick a font when there are so many options?” here you have some steps that can help you.

Before starting, the pic below can give you a super short explanation of the most common font categories. After you have this clear, you can go and follow the steps.

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1: Make a list

Create a list of the 5 feelings you want to evoke with your brand. By doing this you are keeping yourself on track so you pick fonts that are really relevant to your brand.

2: Target audience.

Think about your ideal client and how you would like to perceived. You need to compel you ideal client and invite him to stay and read your content and the best way to do it is by having a beautiful branding. Think about what fonts are relevant for your business and your ideal client, how can you visually show the industry you are in.

3: Search Pinterest

Create a board for your brand and add fonts that you truly love and you want to see in action.

4: choose 2-3 fonts

Choose a font for the body, one for the headlines and an accent font and make sure they are easy to read.

5: Let the font speaks to you

Script fonts have a lot of personality and it is really hard to give you a rule to follow, my advice is let the font speaks to you. Don’t be afraid of testing different fonts and finding which of them are good for you and your biz.

6: Invest in your fonts

Fonts are not so expensive they are around $15-$40 and they will give you a more professional look, so my advice is to invest in premium fonts.

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