I have exciting news, Share the Story is moving to Seattle in US. This is, again, a very scary moment. I remember myself, when I was going to move to Australia, packing my life in three suitcases and departing from my family, friends, home and country looking forward to the unknown with many dreams and expectations ready to give my best for a better life. I knew it was not going to be easy but I was ready to immerse myself in the new challenge and live the moment.

During my time here, I had one of the best years when I studied Interior design, then I grew as a professional when I did my master in Marketing and the Graphic Design diploma, founded my business and became Australian citizen. I have met beautiful people and really good friends and now, it is time to leave again but at this instance with a certain horizon.

Now my husband has gotten a promotion to relocate in Seattle and once again, I have to embrace the change in order to keep growing and support him. I have to confess that at the beginning I was very reluctant to leave the home Australia has given me but as my mentor, Angela Raspass, reminded me “Maria embrace the change as a new opportunity to keep growing as a professional and as a family”

We need to learn to fully live our lives and take the chances the Universe puts in our path in order to keep growing, do not feel sorry about what you live behind because what really matters is been carried in our hearts. Remember to be open and embrace the challenge of change which is the only constant in a progressive life.

I will keep you posted about the new challenge in Seattle and if any of you stops by do not hesitate to get in touch for a coffee and Share the Story.

Have a beautiful day

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